ZOOM! Gallery & Testimonials

If you have questions about any procedure or cosmetic issue, please feel free to contact us at any time. The before and after images below are all examples of your Zoom! Whitening.

“Dr. Riccardi and his staff make a visit to the dentist as pleasant an experience as I think is possible. Dr. Riccardi had been well recommended to me and justifiably so. Not only is his work of the highest quality but he also goes out of his way to make sure that the patient is very satisfied with the services performed. The staff is extremely pleasant, professional and helpful. And as a working person with limited time, truly appreciate the fact that when you go to his office you are seen at the appointed time.”
Carolyn Black

“As someone who had a “dental phobia” I first came to Dr. Riccardi back in the early 70’s. His professionalism, gentleness, patience and concern put me at ease immediately. Over the years he became my husband’s dentist, my three sons and my daughter in law when my oldest son married. My four sisters and their families have their dental care provided by Dr. Riccardi and about 10 years ago my elderly mother became a patient as well. His attention to her has been extraordinary. As a family we have recommended Dr. Riccardi to many, many people over the years and their comments have always been – “why didn’t you tell me about him sooner?”! The staff at the office is courteous, friendly, competent and genuinely concerned about your welfare. I hope Dr. Victor Riccardi practices dentistry for countless years to come.”
Debby Kelly

“Dr. Riccardi is gifted somewhat like a fine art sculptor. Over the years he has done numerous fillings and crowns for me. He shapes and forms them until they are a perfectly comfortable fit, comparable to my natural teeth.”
Charles Cone

“I have been a patient of Dr. Riccardi since 1990, when I was transferred from Germany to the US. At this time he replaced all my dental work – several crowns and four bridges – previously done by some German dental ‘generalists.’I was highly impressed from the very beginning by his superior knowledge in restorative dental work, the precision of his work, his patient focused attitude, the dedication of his team and the excellent coordination with other experts outside of his expertise (e.g. Paradentosis)
I have not lost a tooth since this time, not to mention the permanent improvement of the cosmetic appearance.Over the years also I have witnessed a constant enhancement of his expertise in dental restoration and prevention work, which makes him one of the best dentists in Atlanta.He has also recently diversified into the art of implants after thorough training. The commitment to precision and perfection has made also this work a success from the very beginning.Therefore, I would like to recommend Dr. Riccardi and his team to everyone who is interesed in receiving state-of-the-art dental prevention and restoration work provided by a patient minded expert in a professional and friendly environment.”
Manfred Liska