Cleanings – Regular dental visits are essential to maintaining a healthy mouth and healthy body. Cleanings are important to remove bacterial and calcified deposits on the teeth that can lead to periodontal disease or tooth decay. Home care may be modified to improve oral health. Teeth, gums, and soft tissue are examined.

X-rays – These are taken for diagnosis of tooth decay, bone loss, impacted teeth, some tumors and cysts.

Sealants – The first step in maintaining a healthy mouth is preventing tooth decay, and sealants can offer major protection against cavities.

Fluoride Treatment – Decay, decalcification, sensitivity, and gingivitis may be prevented by using fluoride treatments.

“Dr. Riccardi and his staff make a visit to the dentist as pleasant an experience as I think is possible. Dr. Riccardi had been well recommended to me and justifiably so. Not only is his work of the highest quality but he also goes out of his way to make sure that the patient is very satisfied with the services performed. The staff is extremely pleasant, professional and helpful. And as working person with limited time truly appreciate the fact that when you go to his office you are seen at the appointed time.”

Carolyn Black

Periodontal Therapy

Root Planing and Scaling – A non-surgical step that involves a special cleaning to remove deposits on the tooth and root surfaces due to periodontitis is called root planing and scaling. This procedure helps the gum tissue to heal and periodontal pockets to shrink. Arestin, a locally administered antiobiotic, is placed directly into the infected pockets between the teeth if indicated. Arestin may significantly reduce the depth of the pockets and helps prevent disease progression in early periodontitis.

Patient Education – Personal one on one with visual aids, educational, DVD’s, and booklets.

Intra-oral Camera – Our high-tech diagnostic device can show enlarged images of you teeth on a monitor using the Einstein, a tiny wireless camera. This can help prevent accidental tooth fractures or tooth loss. X-rays can also be enlarged aiding the dentist in diagnosing potential problems in early stages. Patients can view the enlarged digitized x-ray. Short educational videos are shown concerning your individual needs such as periodontal disease, porcelain crowns, and cosmetic dentistry.

Comfort – DVD and CD players along with a walkman radio provide extra comfort to patients for relaxation. Neck pillows and blankets are also available upon request. Our friendly staff strives to treat each patient individually to help you feel at ease. Nitrous Oxide is available if needed for relaxation.